Private International Health Insurance offers you peace of mind as it protects you by covering what you would be expected to pay should you need medical care. The MediSky International Health Insurance, will save you from the burden of paying the full costs for your medical care.

Private Health Insurance

What is private health insurance and how to have one

You purchase insurance with MediSky International by paying monthly premium which may be covered completely or in partially by your employer. Even if you don’t get insurance through your work, you can generally still buy your individual MediSky Health Insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

The MediSky International Health Insurance covers you not only for the unexpected, as in the case of an emergency but it can also cover preventive care like routine mammograms and doctor visits for annual check-up.

Discover the MediSky health insurance plans! We can cover even costs for prescriptions, vision or dental care.

Medical Insurance has become a necessity in all the developed countries of Europe. The responsibility towards the health of ourselves, our families and staff are in our hands.

Today we are proud that MediSky International has an important role and is recognized as a regional market leader in providing healthcare solutions all over Europe, having offices in Romania, Hungary, Poland and in Bulgaria. MediSky is promoting integrity, high level customer service and customer-confidentiality as part of our list of values.

The health insurance plans offered by MediSky International offer you access to any hospital or clinic in Europe or worldwide. Choose one of the health insurance plans with international coverage for you and your family!

Private health insurance with international coverage – international medical standards

When your heath or your loved ones’ health is in danger, you need to access the highest medical standards and technologies. The MediSky International Health Insurance Plans will enable you to access any hospital in the world, most of them already holding deductibility contracts with the insurer. Even if the hospital that you have chosen isn’t on the deductibility list, we can intermediate with your direct payment bills with the insurer.

Private health insurance gives you a peace of mind

In the unfortunate case of having to deal with a medical situation, the hospital and treatment costs can be a financial burden, especially if you wish to benefit from treatment abroad. The MediSky International health insurance policies cover hospital and treatment costs for severe illnesses such as cancer or chronic diseases and even tissue and organ transplant, which would normally be extremely expensive.

A private health insurance is an investment on the long run

Private health insurance can be perceived as an investment on the long run, the beneficiary being you. Investing in your health when being healthy means benefiting from an insurance for a lifetime.

If you already have medical conditions that are still affecting you when you consider buying a health insurance, it is difficult to find a health insurance with full coverage for the diseases that you already suffer from, as most health insurances do not cover pre-existent conditions.


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