MEDIHOPE Healthcare Plan

MEDIHOPE Healthcare Plan

Your medical and financial solution
to give you total
peace of mind

MediSky International in collaboration with our partners, LAMP Insurance and the New European Surgical Academy (NESA), who are a leading authority in oncology, have created a special health insurance Aid-Plan cover.

In case of diagnosed cancer, and if we have confirmed cover, you can receive the full value of your cash benefit or you can follow our MediHOPE plan, process, steps, and secure a better chance to overcome your  medical challenges!

Should you decide to receive treatment rather than the cash benefit of your plan, this can be provided up to your policy Limit, at any hospital either in your home country or any other hospital throughout Europe thanks to the hospital partnerships we have created.

As part of our comprehensive service we can offer the assistance of our expert medical advisors to evaluate your clinical and treatment needs. You will be advised on the most appropriate options based on your medical condition.

Policy Benefits:

  • For all treatment, MediHOPE will cover the cost and arrange to pay the medical provider directly. These may include:
    • Evaluation, opinion and creation of an appropriate treatment plan
    • Hospitalisation, surgery, and related medical care
    • Any reconstructive plastic surgery
    • Radiotherapy
    • Chemotherapy
    • Related imaging, medical tests and investigations.
  • In collaboration with NESA MediHOPE offers you:
    • Second  opinion guidance in helping you choose the best location for treatment
    • Help obtaining a treatment plan from your specialist at an appropriate treatment venue
    • All appointments are made for you
  • Genetic screening
    • To date, post-operative chemotherapy was based on statistical evaluation.
    • Now there are new ways to analyse the genetic structure of tumors in order to create the best treatment plan possible.
    • This all helps to obtain more successful outcomes

All covered by MediHOPE


  • €30,000 Cash Benefit   or €45,000 Treatment Benefit
  • €40,000 Cash Benefit   or €60,000 Treatment Benefit
  • €50,000 Cash Benefit   or €75,000 Treatment Benefit

We can provide you with the best solution when you need it most!



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