Your international
healthcare partner


MediSky is part of the MediHelp International Group, which is a market-leader in private health insurance in Central Eastern Europe. MediHelp has been present in the market for more than 10 years. We have offices in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. MediSky is our newly born entity in Poland. Our medical partners are top local and European providers. We successfully combine international health insurance cover with global medical assistance for the benefit of all our clients.

Health insurance benefits:

  • International coverage
  • Medical care anywhere in the world
  • Freedom of choice: any doctor, any clinic, any hospital  in your home country or anywhere in Europe
  • Cover for cancer treatment 
  • Cover for hospitalisation and all related costs
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What is an international private health insurance?

International health insurance offers you peace of mind as it protects you and your family, by covering your medical care expenses not just at home, but anywhere in the world!*

*subject to the chosen plan

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