Frequently Asked Questions

Oncological Insurance MEDIHOPE

1. What is the age limit of entry to the MediHope Plan?
Entry to the MediHope plan can be from birth to 64 years old.

2. Can I still have a policy after I am 64 years old?
Yes, provided you have begun a MediHope Plan before your 65th birthday.

3. If diagnosed with cancer and I choose Medical Benefits instead of Cash Benefits, what will be scope of the medical benefits?
Medical Benefits may include:

  1. Evaluation of medical reports provided to us, second opinion and treatment plan
  2. Surgery, hospitalisation and related medical care
  3. Related plastic surgery re-construction
  4. Radiotherapy
  5. Chemotherapy
  6. Related imaging, tests and investigations

Benefits subject to the limitations of the policy.

4. In which hospitals could I get treatment?
Medical Treatment Benefits can be provided at any hospital in your country of residence, or in other country in Europe.

5. Does MediHope cover include all types of cancers?
MediHope insurance plan will not cover cancer that is not diagnosed as malignant or it has not become metastatic, skin cancers other than malignant melanoma, carcinoma/cancer in situ (also known as pre-cancer). For a detailed description, please see Definition of Cancer as well as Part IV, section 4 in the Policy Wording.

6. If diagnosed with cancer and I choose the Cash Benefit, what is the waiting period to receive payment?
You will receive your cash benefit by bank transfer within 30 days.

7. If diagnosed with cancer and I choose Medical Benefits, what will be the waiting time before I can obtain the assistance of a medical advisor? In which language will I need to communicate with medical advisor?

Medical evaluations and opinions are granted directly by NESA (
In accordance with the agreement with NESA, the waiting time will be 10 days maximum from the time you have provided all necessary information. Ideally, the communication should be English - if needed, a translation service can be provided, but this will add to the time taken to provide the necessary information.

Oncological Insurance NESACard Plan

1. What exactly will I get with NESACard cover in case of cancer diagnosis?
NESACard gives you the following benefits: cash payment of 2000 euro and “initial navigation” by NESA ( second medical opinion and NESA assistance in choosing the best place for treatment and the best treatment plan.

2. What does it mean that, in purchasing NESACard insurance, I contribute to socially beneficial activities?
Part of your yearly premium supports NESA activities as well as development of this medical organisation of high value for society – an organisation that was established to provide help.

***All information above is written for clarification purposes only. If there is any conflict in meaning between Policy Wording and the text above, the meaning of the Policy Wording will prevail.

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