Are you satisfied with the diversity of the products you have in your portfolio?

What would your customers like to be assured of?

  • Access to top private medical facilities;
  • Pan-European medical care;
  • Management of each medical-case until resolved;
  • Peace of mind for themselves and their families.

As a partner of MediSky, you will be able to offer your customers all those benefits.

When your customers will become MediSky policy holders, they will join a big family of customers who keep their health plan policy for a long time. Evidence of this is our policy renewal rate of more than 85%.


MediSky is offering the followings to you:

I. Trainings

MediSky provides sales and technical training to you and your staff, following a training program we previously agree upon.

II. Offers for your customers

We shall issue and provide offers, according to your customers’ needs, age-band, country of residence.

III. Issuing the policy and processing documents

For each client, you will receive a membership-pack including: policy wording, membership card & certificate of insurance, invoice, claim procedures, and welcome letter;

IV. Customer Care Department

With our specialized team, customers will benefit from dedicated assistance for the following subjects:

  • How to use the policy
  • Claims
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Payments

V. Retention program

To keep your customers close and happy we put at your disposal our retention program.

Remember, MediSky International, part of MediHelp International Group, present on the market since 1999, is specialised in health insurance programmes with international coverage.

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