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08 Feb

The medical and scientific communities report that the preoccupation for building a professional life, translated into prolonged hours at work and constant stress, has an irrecoverable impact on one’s health. According to a report in the American...

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15 Nov

Did you know that antibiotics can’t treat any disease? Antibiotics only have the power to fight bacterial infections, not viral ones, like colds and flus.

Stay healthy | 2018

08 Nov

Tiredness is a common thing among people of all ages, and can be caused by factors varying from the obvious lack of sleep to what we eat or drink, or serious medical conditions.

Stay healthy | 2018

02 Nov

The prevalence of diabetes is a problem of modern society, which is why disease prevention has become an extremely important issue nowadays. In Romania, the PREDATORR study, conducted by the Romanian Society for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases in 2016, shows that over 11% of the population suffers from diabetes.

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19 Sep

Do you often eat eggs or egg-products? Research shows - the answer to this question is quite complex. Read the answer from Prof. Dr. Werner Seebauer, here...

Stay healthy | 2018

04 Jul

Cancer, rheumatism and other chronic inflammatory diseases The amount, the type and method of preparation determine the risk!

Stay healthy | 2018

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