Second Opinion

Sir Zahal Levy,
President of MediHelp International/MediSky International

Each year, a significant number of people are diagnosed with cancer. With the first suspicions, their whole world changes. MediSky has always been a real healthcare partner for its clients, always being one step ahead and bringing innovation and top-quality services for its clients. The partnership with NESA is further proof of our commitment to making first-class healthcare services available to all clients.”

MediSky International is now facilitating direct contact with opinion leaders in oncological surgery and scientists in related disciplines when an Oncological Medical Second Opinion is required.

Through this platform any customer of MediSky can access NESA services, submit medical reports and other related documents for any oncological condition and for obtaining a medical second opinion. This is a service offered by MediSky specifically to its customers. Still, MediSky International has no involvement in and assumes no liability for services provided by NESA.  

The NESA’s Oncology Advisory Board

The New European Surgical Academy (NESA) is an international surgical academy with members in 57 countries. Many of NESA’s members are opinion leaders in oncological surgery or scientists in different related disciplines.

Over the last few decades, many successes in oncological research have been achieved in different countries.

NESA itself has had breakthroughs both in surgery and in postsurgical oncological treatment. In order to gather the most advanced information, NESA has created an International Oncological advisory Board with leading surgeons, oncologists, biologists, geneticists and immunologists.

How does it work?

  • This Board is approached by patients from different countries;
  • Whenever a second opinion is required, the medical documents should be scanned and sent to the following email;
  • After revision of the clinical history, the suggested treatment and information undergoes a review at NESA’s headquarters, and thereafter is sent to the relevant members of the Oncological Board for a second opinion;
  • The second opinion is fulfilled within no more than 10 days, and its outcome can either be full agreement with the already suggested treatment, or a suggestion for an alternative surgical or medical treatment, including a recommended venue for treatment where the best outcome can be expected;
  • The outcome will be sent to the patient direct unless they advise, in writing, where it should be sent to or who should receive a copy;
  • All patients are welcome to share the information with their physicians, and if necessary, the physicians may approach our Board for further information.

What documents are needed to approach the Oncological Board whenever a second opinion is required?

  1. Medical report of the patient’s general condition, including recent laboratory test results, CT, MRI and ultrasound if available;
  2. Genetic profile (e.g. BRCA), oncological family history (parents and siblings);
  3. Updated clinical history concerning the recent oncological condition;
  4. If available, pathological results of biopsies;
  5. The current proposed medical and/or surgical treatment.

*All documents should be in English or translated if they are written in another language.

New European Surgical Academy

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